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CraftsCrazy Newsletter - October 17, 2009

In this issue of the CraftsCrazy newsletter, you will find...

* My Most Recently Listed Items on Etsy
* What I've Been Working On -- Swap-bot, Dolls and ATCs
* October Winner & November Prize
* Baby Picture

This newsletter is super long because I keep putting off sending it out and then I have to add to it. I am getting it out tonight no matter what!

Recently Listed on Etsy

Green Drop Earrings, $4.00

These earrings are made with glass beads that I got on clearance. Woo-hoo! I love clearance sales. Anyhow, there are only a few pairs of these and I may not be able to get any more of the beads so if you like them you better grab them while you can! :)

Halloween Zombie Earrings, $4.00

These earrings are made with polymer clay beads. There are pictures of zombies on the beads. Order now and you will have them in plenty of time to wear for Halloween.


I have also listed three dotee dolls now! Go to My Etsy Store to see them.

Too Much Swap-Bot

I have recently gotten into Swap-bot and I love it, but I'm going to have to cut back on swapping so I have more time to make things to sell. I'm going to stop signing up for new swaps for awhile and start listing more on Etsy.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Speaking of stuff to list on Etsy, I have been working on making some dolls. I have a few dotee dolls made up, and I am working on an Obama doll. I designed some fabric panels for the Obama doll but I don't have them yet. I entered the design in the Spoonflower doll panel contest and if I win that I will be able to get five yards of the fabric for free, so I am going to wait until after the contest and if I don't win then I will go ahead and order it. The Obama dolls will come in two versions -- the "nice" version and the Obama Voodoo Doll. So you can enjoy the doll regardless of how you feel about Obama! :)


I have made quite a few ATCs lately, and some of them are still available. I'll just post all the pictures I can find and then I'll let you know which ones are up for grabs.

OK, in the first photo: Butterfly Morning (taken), Flower Memories (available), Regrets (available), Apple (available)

Second photo: These were made for the Free Theme ATC #12 swap on Swap-bot. They have all been mailed out.

Third photo: Burgundy Blossoms (available). This is not a very good photo. It's prettier in real life, but I don't have time to mess with the balance and stuff right now. I just want to get this newsletter sent out.

Unpictured: I didn't realized that I hadn't photographed all of my ATCs. Here are the names and descriptions of the ones I have that I don't have pictures for. These are all available. Rescue Me: Made from puppy/kitten photos from ASPCA flyer, Yellow Daisies: Yellow daisies or maybe black eyed susans with green glitter around them. Earth Has No Sorrow: that heaven cannot heal (quote), The Lover of Life: makes the whole world into his family (quote).

If you want any of the ATCs that I have available, they are free. You do not have to pay shipping or anything. However, there are three rules.

#1) Limit one per person per month

#2) You have to e-mail me with your name and snail mail address so I can get it sent out to you.

#3) First come, first served.

October Winner and November Prize

The October winner was Ann Guidry. She won the Tiny Tot's Tunisian Crochet Purse as well as the pattern to make it. I also sent her some yarn since she was yarn-deprived. :)

November's prize will be... hmmm... I still haven't decided. I was thinking maybe a Christmas ornament but I still don't have any made up yet. So I guess November's prize is still to be announced.

My Julie Baby

Julie will be seven months old on the 20th, and she has already been standing up for about two or three weeks now. I never heard of a baby standing up at six months! She has three teeth now, the two bottom middle ones and one off to the right on top. She has been really grumpy about getting her teeth in, so I've had to do more baby-holding and less crafting. She just had a bath before I took this photo so her hair is really messy, but isn't she still just the cutest thing you ever saw? Well, I think so, whether you do or not. :)

Until next time,

Beth Parker
Crafts Crazy

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